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Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass
VR Troopers, Episode 65, 66
Air date October 3 and 4, 1995
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Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass is a two-parter encompassing episodes thirteen and fourteen of season 2 of VR Troopers.


Grimlord steals Kaitlin Star's image to create an Anti-Kaitlin programmed to destroy the VR Troopers.


Grimlord's new weapon, the Master Virtual Replicator, steals Kaitlin's image from a transmitter planted in the mirror of a makeup compact. He uses the image to create a "Kaitlin Two" who will help him destroy the V.R. Troopers. The Anti-Kaitlin fights and defeats Ryan Steele to infiltrate Professor Hart's lab. Before she can demolish the lab, the Anti-Kaitlin sees the real Kaitlin - on the lab's screen - fight a losing battle against Grimlord's forces. An impassioned plea from Ryan sends Anti-Kaitlin to fight by Kaitlin's side, saving the latter's life. The Troopers wonder how they will reunite Kaitlin with her mirror double before both disappear from Reality. Grimlord expands his Virtual Mirror Program with mass reproduction of the compact transmitters. His plan is thwarted when Kaitlin Two - pretending to betray the V.R. Troopers - returns to the Dark Fortress and steals the Master Replicator, then flees back to Earth. Professor Hart uses the device to put both Kaitlins back together, but a malfunction gives Kaitlin the ability to split herself into two V.R. Kaitlins...when a situation becomes dire enough to call for such.



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