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"I'll tell you that this courage is a blazing feeling! B-Robo No. 1: Kabutack!"
―Kabutack's roll call

"(Double) Super Change!"
―Transformation Announcement
Name Kabutack
Gender: Male
Season(s): B-Robo Kabutack
Color(s): Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Pleased to Meet You, Kabu!
Last Appearance: If There's Friendship in Your Heart (Series)
Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack and Kabutack: The Great Strange Country Adventure (Special)
Number of Episode
52 (Kabutack)
1 (Special)
1 (Robotack)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Takeshi Kusao

No. 1: Kabutack (カブタック Kabutakku?): The first B-robot and the prototype model, built with a rhinoceros beetle-like appearance and a biochip based on the insect. Being a protoype, he may only attain Super Mode for a duration of 3 minutes. In Super Mode, he wields a weapon called Shock Stick (ビリット スティック Biritto Sutikku?), which is transformed from his helmet in "Base Mode". He needs Yuzuru's Friendship Commander, a comm-link-like device, to transform into Super Mode.

Kabutack can ride Denden Roller in either of his modes; in Base Mode, Denden Roller serves solely as transportation, but in Super Mode, a clear boost in performance is granted to Denden Roller.

Aside from the formations listed below, Kabutack later develops Dode Kabutack with the Star Piece of Sagittarius in response to TodomeJaws.


Flying Kabutack
  • Flying Kabutack (ブットビ カブタック Buttobi Kabutakku?): Kabutack's flight form in which Kabutack joins with Tobimasky, initiating a process known as Flying Formation (ブットビ フォーメーション Buttobi Fōmēshon?).

Drill Kabutack 1

Drill Kabutack 2

  • Drillut Kabutack (ドリルット カブタック Dorirutto Kabutakku?): Kabutack's digging form formed by combining Kabutack with a set of upgrades known as Drillut Parts (ドリルット パーツ Dorirutto Pātsu?). So in Super Mode, Kabutack is equipped with four sets of wheels and a drill in his hand, and can use Kabuto Final Crash (カブト ファイナル クラッシュ Kabuto Fainaru Kurasshu?).

Zabut Kabutack 1

Zabut Kabutack 2

  • Zabut Kabutack (ザブット カブタック Zabutto Kabutakku?): Kabutack's diving form formed by Combining Kabutack with another set of upgrades known as Zabut Parts (ザブット パーツ Zabutto Pātsu?). So in Super Mode, Kabutack is equipped with propellers on his feet, fins on his arms and a torpedo-launcher in his hand, he can also use an attack called Shock Torpedo (ビリット 魚雷 Biritto Gyorai?).


B-Robo Kabutack

Kabutack and his Mecha

Kabutack & Dode Kabutack (Base Modes)

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Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack


Kabutack teams up with Robotack

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In other Media

Megaranger Stage Show at Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki

In a stage show where the MegarangersIcon-crosswiki are seen fighting usual foes, Cobrander, Kabutack & Kuwajiro, all in Super Mode, and Tentorina arrive and assist the Megarangers.

Megaranger Stage Show at Red Heroes Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki

In a stage show where the Megarangers are seen fighting Wicked Electric Kingdom NejirejiaIcon-crosswiki, Kabutack: Super Mode, Red RacerIcon-crosswiki, OhRedIcon-crosswiki, NinjaRedIcon-crosswiki, RyuuRangerIcon-crosswiki, and TyrannoRangerIcon-crosswiki arrive and assist the Megarangers.


Kabutack Early

Early design of Kabutack