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This article is about a/an hero in Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion.
Special Megabeast Investigator Juspion
Name Juspion
Gender: Male
Season(s): Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion
Color(s): White
Homeworld: Unknown (he was raised on the planet Ejin after the death of his parents)
First Appearance: The Giant Monsters' Planet
Last Appearance: Uchuu Keiji Gavan vs. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Number of Episode
1 movie
Full list of appearances
Actor: Hikaru Kurosaki
Juspion Henshin
"Metal Tech Suits, all set!"
Juspion's transformation

Juspion (ジャスピオン Jasupion?): the main hero of the series, Juspion is an orphan raised by Ejin, until he embarks on his quest to fight the Megabeasts and defeat Satan Gorth. Juspion travels between planets to stop Satan Gorth until he arrives on Earth. His Metal Tech Suit armor is made from the very rare galactic mineral Ejinium and grants superhuman capabilities to its owner.


Juspion is the son of Kerly and Hanna, a couple of humans from another galaxy who zealous about the health of animals in several planets from Milky Way. Kerly was a forest guard while Hanna was a zoologistic doctor. They were both killed when their wrecked spaceship, attacked by Zampa, fell on Ejin's planet. Juspion was the only survivor and was adopted by Ejin. While reading the Galaxy Bible, Ejin learns of a shocking prophecy: When the dark god Satan Gorth awakens, the universe will be ravaged by giant monsters filled with rage. After Satan Gorth appears and the prophecy is set in motion, Ejin orders Juspion to stop him and combat the corrupted Megabeasts. He travels with his friends in the Daileon.

Powers and abilities

  • Juspion is a excellent martial artist, pilot, driver, swordsman and acrobat. He know repair androids, as Anri.
  • He can materialize Metal Tech Suit around his own body. Metal Tech Suit grants, besides excellent protection, super strength (enough to destroy a large rock with one punch), increased jumping capabilities, and enhanced vision.



Space Wolf Juspion

Juspion in his armor

Ranger Key

Juspion Ranger Key

Juspion Ranger Key

Behind the scenes


Juspion is played by Seiki Kurosaki. In his transformed state, he was portrayed by several suit actors: Takanori Shibahara, Kazuyoshi Yamada, Noriaki Kaneda.


Changeman Stage Show at 3 Heroes Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki

In a stage show where the ChangemanIcon-crosswiki are seen fighting Great Star League GozmaIcon-crosswiki, Juspion and ByclosserIcon-crosswiki arrive and assist the Changeman.

Changeman Stage Show at Super Hero Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki

In a stage show where the Changeman are seen fighting usual foes, Bio Hunter SilvaIcon-crosswiki show up and wind up defeating them, Juspion, Byclosser, Kamen Rider Super-1Icon-crosswiki, Red OneIcon-crosswiki, Green TwoIcon-crosswiki, Dyna RedIcon-crosswiki, Goggle BlackIcon-crosswiki and Vul SharkIcon-crosswiki


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