This article is about a/an actor in Uchuu Keiji Shaider.

Hiroshi Tsuburaya (円谷 浩 Tsuburaya Hiroshi?) (Setagaya, Tokyo, March 08, 1964 - July 24, 2001) was a Japanese actor. 3rd son of Hajime Tsuburaya and grandchild of Eiji Tsuburaya. Became known to tokusatsu series audiences by playing the leading role in Uchuu Keiji Shaider (Space Sheriff Shaider) as Dai Sawamura/Shaider.


Tsuburaya died of liver cancer on July 24th, 2001 due to alcoholism developed through the years. He was 37 years old. His best friends, actors Hiroshi Watari and Ryousuke Yamamoto, attended his funeral.



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