This article is about a/an villain in Juukou B-Fighter.
Episode: The Spider Woman's Unfeeling Flame
Season: Juukou B-Fighter
Actor: Kimiko Imai

Hidra (ヒドラ Hidora?, 49) is nicknamed Spider of Flame. She was assigned the job of capturing Guru so Gaohm could use him to gather the energy of the insects on the planet to complete the Jamahl Hole. Gaohm, secretly promises Hidra that she could take Jera's place, if she succeeded, which she did. Gaohm gives her an armband as proof of her new rank. However, the armband is actually a bomb. Despite Jera's learning of this and warning Hidra, Hidra explodes and dies but not before telling the B-Fighters to kill Gaohm for her. In battle, Hidra could blast fire and smoke from her mouth as well as send out web threads to wrap/bind her enemies.

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