This article is about a/an episode in Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya.
Hello! Lightning Ninja Wild is the Cheerful Gunman
Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya, Episode 20
Air date June 5, 1988
Written by Akira Nakahara
Directed by Itaru Orita
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Invade the House of the Military God!
Holy Ninja Alamsa: Throw the Shuriken of Hatred!

Hello! Lightning Ninja Wild is the Cheerful Gunman (ハロー! 雷忍ワイルドは陽気なガンマン Harō! Rainin Wairudo wa Yōki na Ganman?) is the twentieth episode of Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya.


As Toha continues to try and manage the Yamaji household with his father gone, a gunslinging ninja of the American West is brought in to take him down by the Sorcerer Clan.


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DVD releases


Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya Volume 2 features episodes 11-20.

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