Episode: The Mutant's Love
Season: Uchuu Keiji Shaider
Voice Actor: Toku Nishio

Guriguri (グリグリ Guriguri?): A yellow/gold/black-colored dragon-like Fushigi Beast with a large, open, fanged filled fire-spewing mouth above one set of eyes with another set on the sides of its head. Guriguri was created to pursue Jimmy Kitahra, who mutated after being exposed to time warp radiation. As Jimmy believed Mariko to be her aunt, his love Kiriko, the Fuuma had Guriguri possess her to capture Jimmy in order to duplicate his molecular-bending powers for their plans. However, Shaider intervenes and chases Guriguri into the Fushigi Dimension, stabbing the monster with its own sword before finishing it off with the Shaider Blue Flash. Its powers include possession, a cutlass with a machine gun in the tip, high jumping, size changing, mouth flames, invisibility, teleportation, and summoning cross bombs.

Note: This creature can be seen during the opening credits of VR Troopers Season 2.

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