Jeremy Gibson

Colonel Icebot constructed Graybot as a robot with the ability to disguise himself as a human. He is assigned to befriend the Troopers as a teenager named "Jeremy Gibson" in order to gain access to their secrets. Kaitlin develops a crush on "Jeremy" and is quick to defend him even as Ryan and JB grow suspicious. His virtual alter-ego allowed him to outperform them at reporting, computing, and martial arts. When Kaitlin and JB investigate him, they discover the virtual alter-ego that he is, but their discovery comes too late. Using computer technology, he is able to trap Kaitlin and JB in the lab (and attempt to self-destruct it, but JB prevents that from happening) and rig the lab's portal to send Ryan into a virtual combat battle where he appears in his true form. In his true form, Graybot has superhuman strength and shoots lethal arrows from his wrist but demonstrated bad aim, as he mostly misses Ryan. Eventually he is defeated in battle by Ryan. He initially survives Ryan's Lightning Hand Command, but eventually wears out by continuing to battle (rather than retreating to make repairs as Zelton, Decimator, Ivar, and other robots had done before on many occasions after a tough battle). After firing his last arrow and Ryan eventually catching it, he falls in exhaustion and explodes. In "Race to the Rescue," Zelton briefly transforms into Graybot during his battle against Ryan, suggesting he fits the category of Zelton's army, despite being built by Icebot.

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