Episode: Counter-attack of the Strange Cooking
Season: Uchuu Keiji Shaider
Voice Actor: Toku Nishio

Gokugoku (ゴクゴク Gokugoku?): A food-based Fushigi Beast with a bowl-like hat who creates food and beverages that gives whoever eats it telekinetic powers in a scheme to have the bullied children take revenge on their tormentors. Gokugoku's food was first tested on a depressed boy named Shigeru who attacked not only the bullies, but his PE coach and his own family with before collapsing once losing the last of his powers. Shigeru's sudden change catches Dai's attention as the Fuuma start recruiting more bullied kids to cause chaos. Using the cat Shigeru discarded, Dai finds the boy as he is force-fed by the Girls Army. Once having Annie take Shigeru out of harm's way, Shaider battles Gokugoku before they enter the Fushigi Dimension. Using his knife and fork on Shaider, Gokugoku is destroyed by the Shaider Blue Flash. Its powers include teleportation, a high body temperature, a mentally controlled set of an oversized fork and butter knife with explosive properties and a machine gun in each fork tip.

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