[[Image:|220px|center|Goblit & Dedemos]]
Goblit & Dedemos
Season: Choujinki Metalder
Voice Actors: Takeshi Watabe (Goblit)
Takeshi Kuwabara (Dedemos)
Goblit (ゴブリット Goburitto?)


and Dedemos (デデモス Dedemosu?) are Crosslander's assistants. Both are Light Fighters. Goblit is black and silver and armed with a bayonet-armed energy rifle and mine detecting mono-eye while Dedemos was blue with horns and uses a laser pistol and a grapple hook drill. Goblit and Dedemos are seen in Episode 19, when they battle Metalder in the Ghost Bank. They appear again, alongside Jars and Gebaros in Episode 22. In Episode 23, these two both appeared in the Four


Army relay race and in Episode 30, to help Galdos. In Episode 35, they appear one last time in battle with Geldring, assisting him, only to be destroyed together by Top Gunder.

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