Girls Army
Uchuu Keiji Shaider
Chronological/Production Order

Girls' Army (ギャル軍団 Gyaru Gundan?): A team of five deadly kunoichi trained in the most vicious and dangerous arts of combat led by Girl 1 (ギャル1 Gyaru Ichi?, 1-44) (black). The other members include Girl 2 (ギャル2 Gyaru Ni?, purple), Girl 3 (ギャル3 Gyaru San?, 1-45) (red), Girl 4 (ギャル4 Gyaru Yon?, green), Girl 5 (ギャル5 Gyaru Go?, pink). They serve under Hessler and battle Shaider and Annie on every Fuuma Mission. While Girl 3 performed a suicide attack at Hessler's command in an attempt to kill Shaider, the remaining members help Poe in stopping Shaider from finding out Kubilai's secret. Soon after capturing Annie and Shaider arrives to save her, the three Girls allow Kubilai to devour them into their combined bat form to kill Shaider.


1 Girl 1
2 Girl 2
3 Girl 3
4 Girl 4
5 Girl 5

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