Girl 1 (ギャル1 Gyaru Ichi?, 1-44)
(Keiko Nawa) is the black suited leader of the Girl's Army, Hessler's right hand. On Kubilai's birthday, Girl 1 offers to personally kill Shaider and Annie for her master. To achieve that goal, Girl 1 uses Fuuma science to become a black-armored cyborg with various concealed weapons. However, though her body is destroyed by Shaider, the spell Poe cast on her during the operation takes effects as Girl 1's astral self possesses Annie to have her sabotage the Vavilos. When Shaider intervenes, Girl 1 becomes tangible and battles Shaider as they take their fight into the Fushigi Dimension, where her powers are magnified. But in the end, Shaider kills her for good with Video Beam on the source of her life after disrupting her form with Shaider Blue Flash.

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