General Ivar
General Ivar
Name General Ivar
Gender: Male
Season(s): VR Troopers 1-2
Color(s): Black
Homeworld: Virtual Reality
First Appearance: The Battle Begins, Part 1
Last Appearance: n/a
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Mike Reynolds
General Ivar is not only a rocket-shaped mutant, but also a military strategist and chief commander of much of Grimlord's outer aerial and ground forces. Ivar occasionally battles the Troopers in various vehicles, but seldom fights one on one.

In one episode, Ivar had plotted mutiny with the aide of a stolen military brain. His mutiny resulted in what appeared to be his ultimate destruction. However, Grimlord felt Ivar was redeemable, so Grimlord's forces retrieved Ivar's remains and rebuilt him.

General Ivar, along with Colonel Icebot, is one of the few survivors of the Virtual Dungeon's destruction in Season Two, and remains with Grimlord after he upgrades to the Virtual Dark Fortress. He is often seen hanging out in Grimlord's Air Castle, sometimes alongside Colonel Icebot.

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