A grayish-green bug-eyed mutant with horns created by JB. JB was adding the finishing touches to a VR simulation game on his laptop computer to help the Troopers with their training. Gameoid was the embodiment of the Troopers' worst fears. However, once Grimlord stole the game, Oraclon extracted the monster to face off with Ryan. Gameoid hatched from one of Oraclon's powered-up eggs. In battle, Gameoid could bind Ryan with a vine-like appendage, and also blast electrical bolts from his bug-eyes at Ryan while they were in the Indigo Zone. Destroyed by Ryan's Laser Ray. When the Troopers returned to the lab, JB was able to successfully erase the game from his computer. Even though JB originally created him, Gameoid fits the category of Oraclon's monsters.

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