Gender: Male
Ally Type: {{{type}}}
Season: Big Bad Beetleborgs
Beetleborgs Metallix
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Beetle Rock, Part 1
Last Appearance: Mega Borg Power
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: David Fletcher
"Frankie" Frankenbeans

Frankenbeans: Called "Frankie" for short, he is a strange, lumbering Frankenstein's monster-type monster. He was once kidnapped by the Magnavores, and held by ransom in exchange for the Beetleborgs' Beetle Bonders. He allows Wolfie to stay in a dog house kept in his room. He has little ability to speak, often roaring or saying toddler-like sentences. Dr. Baron von Frankenbeans, his creator, showed up in a few episodes, a mad scientist who treated the monsters like servants. Whenever he announced his full name, he would be spotlighted by moonlight as lightning would flash and a wolf would howl outside (even if it was daylight).

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