This article is about a/an monster in VR Troopers.

It was football season for Cross World City's high school team, but their coach had gone missing (he was captured by Skugs and imprisoned in a sports trading card). Coachless, the team was ready to fall apart until the Troopers and Tao offered their services. Meanwhile, Colonel Icebot created a football-themed robot called Footbot at Grimlord's request. Footbot could remove the football above his head and kick or throw it towards an opponent. When the football struck the opponent, it would detonate like a bomb. A new football would always regenerate after his football weapon was used. Footbot made short work of Kaitlin, taking her out of the battle early on in the fight. Footbot also attacked JB by attacking like a battering ram head-first at JB and knocking him down in the manner of a stereotypical football player. In scenes no longer broadcast, near the end of the battle, JB gave Footbot a taste of his own medicine when he caught the football and tossed it back at Footbot, creating an explosion that temporarily stunned the mutant. Soon afterwards, he was finally defeated by JB and his Laser Lance's finishing maneuver (impalement scene is now missing, but it forced Footbot to surrender), making Grimlord's great "football playing warrior" nothing but a memory. After defeating Footbot, the two Troopers managed to release the coach from his trading card prison just in time to get him back to the game to give his team one final play and the victory. Footbot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army, despite being created by Icebot.

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