This article is about a/an Fierce Fighter in Choujinki Metalder.
Season: Choujinki Metalder
Voice Actor: Shōzō Iizuka

Fierce Fighter Zargen (ザーゲン Zāgen?) is a Grim Reaper-themed fighter armed with a sickle blade in place of a left hand, a knife, and fire lightning from his head. He could also jump high and teleport. In Episode 15, he joins Galdos' group during the initial attack on Metalder. In Episode 18, he had a dream in which Metalder brings down the Ghost Bank. Zargen's scheme to prevent that involves the public abduction of a scientist transporting a briefcase containing valuable information. Metalder takes the bait and retrieves the briefcase. The scientist was a fake, however, but the bomb inside the case fails to destroy Metalder. Before his next battle with Metalder, Zargen asks God Neros to implant him with an explosive device, in order to guarantee his victory. If Metalder struck him directly in close combat, the bomb would destroy them both. During the battle, he lodges his armblade into Metalder's right shoulder and attempts to finish the task with an electric discharge from the spikes on his head. To Zargen's surprise, Metalder severs his own arm to put distance between them. Metalder then throws his severed arm at Zargen's torso, triggering the bomb and destroying him. He appears in the background in the movie.

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