Grimlord was fed up with Colonel Icebot's robots, so he decided to make one himself. To finish his creation, he ordered Skugs to capture Kaitlin's cousin, Keith, a member of the Young Dubliners. Keith was imprisoned within Fiddlebot's body. As Fiddlebot, he could attack simply by playing a fanfare on his fiddle, which in turn would scramble Ryan's circuits, rendering him unable to move. He was impervious to all of Ryan's attacks. Ryan eventually defeated him by distracting him with a surprise "Lightning Hand" attack (which actually didn't harm him, but apparently exposed his power source). The "power cell", which held Keith inside, who powered Fiddlebot, was then removed from the robot by Ryan, and Keith was freed from the virtual imprisonment. Luckily, Keith was completely unharmed and Ryan was then able to rescue Keith. The actual robot's fate remains unknown, since it was never destroyed in battle. Fiddlebot fits the category of Zelton's army, despite being supposedly created by Grimlord.

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