Season: Choujinki Metalder
Voice Actor: Tsuyoshi Koba

Explosive Fighter Robinken (ロビンケン Robinken?) is a camouflage-garbed commando. He appears in episode 14, falsely attacking Madonna so that Metalder would come to her rescue and fall into a trap. He appears in Episode 14 performing a sneak attack against Metalder. He appears in Episode 19, alongside Chuubo, Jamune, and various members of the Armament Army. Robinken has the rare mentality of not caring about rank. During the Four Army relay race in Episode 23, he captures a camera-toting youth wandering in the area reserved for the race. Robinken leads Metalder along a circuitous path to the Four Army finish line. When Metalder escapes with the hostage, Robinken gives chase, coaxing Metalder into a trap-laden course of his own design. The traps ultimately failed and Robinken is destroyed by Metalder's Laser Arm attack. Powers include high jumping and is equipped with a knife.

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