Season: Choujinki Metalder
Voice Actor: Takeshi Kuwabara

Explosive Fighter Galador (ガラドー Garadō?) is a ninja master of magic and equipped with dirty tricks including high jumping, wall crawling, explosive cards, shurikens, mouth flames, a naginata that can turn into a pair of knives, teleportation, and self-duplication. He also seems to be able to send Metalder into another dimension and throw/summon fire. In Episode 12, he battles Metalder one-on-one, bringing with him the Shadow Light Fighters. He also attacks Wisdom in that episode when she fails to defeat Metalder. In Episode 15, he is assigned by Coolgin to capture Wisdom. He appears in Episode 23, during the Four Army relay race. In Episode 24, he uses all his magical talents to fight Metalder, until he is defeated by Metalder's Laser Arm attack. Restored to full function, he appears in Episode 33, but loses to Top Gunder during an interrupted training exercise. He appears in Episode 37, his final appearance, after being restored, while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and Top Gunder. He is destroyed for good by Metalder's Laser Arm.

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