Season: Choujinki Metalder
Voice Actor: Takeshi Watabe

Explosive Fighter Damnen (ダムネン Damunen?) is a red-eyed lizard-like mutant. He fights Gochak for the privilege of fighting Metalder in Episode 2, but loses when his head was twisted backwards by Gochak. Battling Gochak, Damnen reveals he can blast lightning-bolt like lasers from his eyes capable of draining energy. Even though he loses to Gochak, he survives. He appears in Episode 5 with Zakembor to spy on Top Gunder. Both are caught and punished by Valsky and Geldring. He is one of the monsters hunting Top Gunder. In Episode 8 he helps Hedogross fight Metalder. Damnen is badly injured fighting Hedogross Jr. in the Ghost Bank in Episode 15. In Episode 19, he fights Metalder in the Ghost Bank. In Episode 32, he appears alongside Geldring in the hunt for the rare plant. He is destroyed when Metalder kicks him off a cliff and explodes after landing at the bottom of the quarry. Other powers include burrowing, swimming, high jumping, and teleporting.

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