This article is about a/an monster in VR Troopers.

Grimlord used this electricity-themed robot to charge up the other robots. Electrobot had long cable-like arms and his body resembled that of a blue landmine with microchip detail. Electrobot accidentally destroyed Samson, while Kaitlin had helped by clipping Samson's wires. Electrobot fought JB from on top of a cliff, blasting him with electricity, making him unable to use his laser pistol to counter the attacks. JB was nearly destroyed, but after summoning the Laser Lance he managed to shake off the electrocution attack, much to the surprise of the robot. Eventually, Electrobot was destroyed by JB by the "Laser Lance" command. JB first stabbed Electrobot through his stomach long-range, tickling him which served little purpose beyond causing him to lose his balance and fall off of the cliff so that JB could fight him up close. Electrobot then got up angrily, unharmed and ready to resume his attacks, but was quickly cooled off when JB hurriedly finished him off with the Laser Lance's finishing swipe before he could launch another one, requiring much more slashing than with most bots. Regardless, Electrobot stood staggered for awhile before overheating, falling over, and exploding. In Season 2, Electrobot would be seen in the background of the scrap-pile during Knighttime's mutiny when he created Conatron. Electrobot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army even though he and the other "newer, superior bots" were created by Colonel Icebot.

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