This article is about a/an villain in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

As Le-ar's field commander, Drigo leads the Kuuma in their campaign against Earth. Unlike his predecessor Hessler (Drigo I), he is rather incompetent and is often the subject of derogatory comments. In flashbacks, he revealed that he had a relationship with Sharina, Cervano's real mother but unbeknownst to him and to Commander Zion, it was actually Shanara (Helen) who was impregnated by Drigo when she pretended to be her twin sister to break up with him. Drigo turns out to be father of Alexis (not Cervano) and points out that his son is half-human, half-Kuuma. Drigo saves his son Alexis, Alvaro and Zaido Squad from Ida and Le-Ar's attack, destroys the mainframe to turn the Amasonas back into their lives and battles both of them until he is killed by Ida and Le-Ar in the final battle. Drigo is played by Jay Manalo.

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