Dream Master is a mutant robot who is capable of attacking the Troopers through their dreams. He seems to resemble a humanoid Greek Olympian and wore a gauntlet on his one arm. He took advantage of Kaitlin's stress by inducing nightmares of her being outnumbered by Skugs. He challenged Ryan to battle, all while instilling Ryan with the fear of never finding his father. Ryan fought against Dream Master's head games and won using his "Lightning Hand" command after redirecting the electrical current to Dream Master, thanks to a chain that just happened to be lying around in a box. Ryan used the chain, combined it with the internal generators in his armor by using his Super-Charge command, and after freeing himself, sent the current back at Dream Master. He exploded unusually quickly from the Lightning Hand. In "Mutant Mutiny," Dream Master fought Amphibidor, a mutant who tried to cover up his plans for a mutiny against Grimlord. After a brief battle, Dream Master finally surrendered to Amphibidor. After the self-destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Dream Master survived as a mere head. His head attacked Ryan and was soon destroyed afterward, inflicting pain on the weakened Ryan as well. Dream Master fits the category of Decimator's army.

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