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Desponda is Despera's sister. She is a powerful warrior that Grimlord once hired on Despera's request to destroy the Troopers and control his Air Castle. She succeeded in capturing Kaitlin and JB aboard the Air Castle and seemed to have several forms. JB managed to defeat her with his Laser Lance as well as destroy Grimlord's Air Castle(which was later rebuilt). His finisher caused her to burst into fire balls, instead of falling and exploding, as normally would happen when used. Somehow, she survived her defeat, even though she appeared to have been destroyed. After the two Kaitlins and JB escaped the ship and ruined Despera's evil plan, Grimlord vowed never to use another of his allies' relatives to help him again. After being fired from Grimlord's services, her fate remains unknown.


  • Most of Desponda's scenes, particularly fight scenes, are dubbed Japanese footage.
    • This is similar to the dubbed footage of Witch Bandora/Rita Repulsa in Power RangersIcon-crosswiki, who like Desponda's original basis (Pandora) was portrayed by Machiko Soga
  • In Jikuu Senshi Spielban, Desponda's Japanese equivalent is the main villain, a queen, and the real ruler of the Air Castle.
  • Desponda was shown to have four additional forms, not counting her original, in VR Troopers. One form was a mutant, one form was a robot, one was a mutant/robot hybrid, and one looked like monstrous, shadowy water vapor. The last form was only seen briefly and was seemingly used just to show off and/or intimidate the Troopers.
  • Her origin is unknown. She could have been created by Despera, or perhaps by General Ivar and/or Colonel Icebot, given her similar abilities to their robots and creatures.

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