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Cobrot is a female robot with a snake-like tail in place of legs. Colonel Icebot calls her one of the deadliest warriors in Grimlord's army, responding to General Ivar's claims about Metalbot with the assertion that "his" Cobrot's engines would whip the Troopers into butter. He also said that she is "all cobra", even though the only thing cobralike about Cobrot is her appearance. When Kaitlin is kidnapped, Cobrot is recommended by Colonel Icebot and she accompanies Metalbot to distract Ryan and JB when they attempt to rescue their friend by attacking in a field. Cobrot fights JB in the field while Metalbot goes after Ryan in the quarry. Cobrot blasts arrows from the bow on her hand, and cracks her tail like a whip. After throwing JB in the opposite direction every time he charges her, she is destroyed by his "Laser Lance" command. JB doesn't impale Cobrot, even though she is distant from him when he summons the Laser Lance. Cobrot fits the category of General Ivar's Machine Men army, despite her being Colonel Icebot's own creation.

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