Episode: The message of life slicing the sky
Season: Uchuu Keiji Shaider
Voice Actor: Eisuke Yoda

Buyobuyo (ブヨブヨ Buyobuyo?): An elephant-like Fushigi Beast with an extendable trunk-tendril and a star-bladed spear that was created to assist in Fuuma's black market scheme involving child slavery by posing as a Goony Mat funhouse. Despite Hessler's precautions for the Shaian, Shaider manages to force his way into the base to free Annie and the children. After blasting the Fuuma base to bits, Shaider destroys Buyobuyo with Shaider Blue Flash. Its powers include disguising itself as a tent-like mat, teleportation, telekinesis, illusions, an extendable trunk, a mentally controlled staff with a star blade on the end and high jumping.

Note: Buyobuyo was not sent to the Fushigi Dimension

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