This article is about a/an episode in Tokkei Winspector.
Burning K.O. Punch!
Tokkei Winspector, Episode 20
Air date June 17, 1990
Written by Nobuwo Oogizawa
Directed by Kaneharu Mitsumura
Episode Guide
The Bridge of Love and Courage
Tears And the Fatal Ball

Burning K.O. Punch! (熱いKOパンチ! Atsui Kei Ō Panchi!?) is the twentieth episode of Tokkei Winspector


A young man has a crush on Hisako... but becomes involved in a criminal case involving a masked man who inexplicably glows before punching through an ATM machine! Winspector determines that the two seem to be acquainted somehow. What follows is a hot blooded tale of friendship and rivalry, leading to a bone rattling, bare knuckle boxing showdown... only this time there's no bell, mat, or ring, and the stakes are high!


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