This article is about a/an set of Warriors in Choujinki Metalder.
Tagsky & Tagsron
Season: Choujinki Metalder
Voice Actors: Eisuke Yoda (Tagsky)
Takeshi Kuwabara (Tagsron)

Brave Generals Tagsky (タグスキー Taguskī?) and Tagsron (タグスロン Taguron?) are the "Tag Brothers", two swordsmen. Tagsky wears red and yellow armor and is an expert with the sword while Tagsron wears blue and black armor and is a master of the naginata; both brothers are equipped with a knife. Both brothers fight Metalder together and separately. They first appear in battle in Episode 7 where they attack Metalder together. They demonstrate their combined attack to the Emperor on a repair robot outside the Ghost Bank, destroying it. They are defeated when Metalder tricks them into stabbing each other, causing them to retreat. In Episode 10, they appear again. This time they fight Rhapsody in the Ghost Bank and are non-fatally defeated when he breaks both of their weapons. These two appear in Episode 23, during the Four Army relay race. Tagsron fights Metalder with the Shadow Light Fighters, in Episode 25, and is defeated by Metalder's Metal Tornado Move. Tagsky weeps at learning of his brother's defeat, and then seeks vengeance. Before he can do so, he is defeated after landing on a landmine in Episode 26. The two are shown wearing their armor in the background of the Ghost Bank during Episode 27. These warriors are either different than those seen before or perhaps this episode aired out of order. Although Tagsky is killed earlier, his armor is given to Mai's brainwashed father to wear in Episode 36. Tagsky's armor is scrapped afterwards.

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