Name Brave General Bridy
Gender: Male
Season(s): Choujinki Metalder
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Eps 6
Last Appearance: Eps 34
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Takeshi Watabe
Brave General Bridy is a white furred wolf creature who aims a detachable spider parasite on his back capable of spewing webs. Bridy is extremely ferocious and uses his sharp claws and fangs to attack Metalder. Bridy can shoot webbing from his hands to bind his victims, fire energy blasts from his palms, and teleport. He is among the monsters sent to capture Top Gunder. In Episode 15, he presents Wisdom as a hostage as well as leading the Monster Army and the Shadow Light Fighters into fighting Metalder and Hedogross Jr. In Episode 19, he fought Metalder and Springer in the Ghost Bank. At one point during that battle, Springer bites him, once freed of imprisonment. He battles and bites Metalder in Episode 23, frying his circuitry. During that same episode, he participates in the Four Army relay race, which the Monster Army wins through heavy cheating. In Episode 28 he reveals he can launch his claws like sharp missiles as well as shapeshift into a humanoid form via the power of a special diamond. He was thought defeated in Episode 28, melting into a puddle of slime. Restored, he appears in Episode 32. He appears with his spider parasite in Episode 34 when Metalder learns of this weakness and kills the parasite during their final battle with his Laser Arm attack. This kills Bridy and he dissolves into slime.

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