Blue Boar
Name Blue Boar
Gender: Male
Season(s): VR Troopers 1
Homeworld: Virtual Reality
First Appearance: The Battle Begins, Part 1
Last Appearance: Quest for Power
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Mike Reynolds
Blue Boar is one of Grimlord's key lieutenants who commands the Gunbots and is seen amongst them and any other weapon-based robot. He is a large red and bluish steel robot with a head closely resembling a boar. In one hand he held a sword while his other hand was large. This served as a shield plus each finger was a small cannon. In his only notable battle, he fought by Ryan while J.B. Reese dealt with Vanbot. Ryan managed to defeat him using his "Lightning Hand" command; but even though he was destroyed, Grimlord had him rebuilt. He wasn't seen again after Grimlord self-destructed the Virtual Dungeon.

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