Beasts (珍獣 Yajuu?) are the low level creatures of Fuuma creatures present in the throne room who sometimes aid in Fuma missions that require them to assume forms. Composed of the child-like flutist Yaada (ヤーダ Yāda?), the grey trunked Nossori (ノッソリ Nossori?), insectoid Singing Shingin (歌うたいのシンギン Utautai no Shingin?), pot-bellied Hungry Gaaki (腹ペコのガーキ Fukupeko no Gāki?), and stone-like One-Eyed Aiida (一つ目のアイーダ Hitotsumu no Aīda?). The other member of their group, Upper Half Monk (上半身のモンク Kohanmi no Monku?), is fastened to the wall and thus is more of a decoration than an agent of Fuuma. After Kubilai's death, the Beasts faded out of existence along with Poe.

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