Episode: A Violent Fight!! The Dragon Swordsman
Season: Juukou B-Fighter
Actor: Ami Kawai

Barla (バーラ Bāra?, 10): A dear comrade of Jera's who once helped her in killing a monster known as the Black Dragon (ブラックドラゴン Burakku Doragon?), having his disembodied head made into a breastplate she wore, with the Black Dragon's spirit increasing her natural abilities. Barla arrives to help Jera in dealing with the B-Fighters. The two women overwhelm the B-Fighters and pursue them until the spirit of the Black Dragon reveals his true colors as he possess Barla so he can take revenge on Jera. After the B-Fighters weaken Black Dragon's hold over Barla, she stabs herself with a dagger to kill the dragon. Mortally wounded, Barla challenges Blue Beet to a duel and dies a warrior's death to Jera's horror.

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