This article is about a/an villain in B-Fighter Kabuto.

B-Crusher Descorpion (デスコーピオン Bi Kurassha Desukōpion?) is the leader of the B-Crushers. Also known as the Deadly Poison Armored General (猛毒鎧将 Mōdoku Gaishō?), his armor was modeled after a scorpion. He is an honorable warrior by nature, preferring to fight fair compared to his teammates' methods. He uses the Poison Anchor (ポイズンアンカー Poizun Ankā?) on his right to grab and strangle enemies and a Slaughter Scissors (スローターシザース Surōtā Shizāsu?) claw-attachment for his left forearm slashing attacks. His rival is Raija, who also wants to defeat Kabuto. Once tried to kill Kabuto using a bomb attached to his belt buckle. He wielded the Geist Axe until Mother Melzard took it from him. When the B-Fighters enter the Melzardis, Descorpion fights them as Rajia and Miolra join in. Surviving the Melzardos' crash, Descorpion battles Kabuto, accepting defeat, killed by Kabuto's Liner Blast.

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