This article is about a/an ally in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Amy Maltayra is from the planet Zendar and is a Galactic Force Academy student whose affection is fought over by Alexis and Cervano. She also aspires to be a Zaido but, much to her chagrin, Galactic Force rules say that no women can become a Space Sheriff. After masquerading as Odillion Lasseter, a dog person from another planet, Amy passes the Galactic Force examinations only to be exposed by Lyvia at the graduation ceremonies. Frustrated by her situation she escapes Galactic Force HQ and heads to Earth where she is taken in as a boarder by Doctor Eng. After assisting the Zaido in their first battle with the Amasonas she is made a full member of the Galactic Force. Before the final battle she activates some badges and kills the impostor Armida. In the final battle she kills the remaining Kuuma soldiers. After this she tells Cervano that she would live on Earth as her second home planet. Amy is a homage to Lily of the second Space Sheriff (Sharivan) series and Annie of Shaider.

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