This article is about a/an character in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Alvaro Lorenzo was Alexis' older brother who was led life as an outlaw upon their father's death so he could provide for the family. Later he is mysteriously kidnapped by a group of unidentified men. They turn out to be fellow members of Ramiro's crime syndicate who gun him down on Ramiro's orders after he had found out the truth about his father's death. Alvaro is actually still alive and is recovered by Gallian although he is suffering from amnesia. He gains powers with Gallian's intervention and is given the code name Azur. Along with his newfound powers is the restoration of his memory and he eventually has a reunion with his family. When he sees Carmela falling in love with Gallian he gets angry with them and becomes Gamma who is sent by Kuuma Le-ar to beat the Zaido and especially his own brother who is also one. It is revealed that Ida is responsible for reviving Alvaro and using him to become Gamma before Gallian found him on Earth. Gamma is defeated by Zaido Blue for the first time despite his gamma ray attacks. His new target is Zaido Green who is his own brother. It turns out that he did not want to kill Alexis and gets brainwashed revealing his "Gamma" alias to his brother. Alvaro and his brother Alexis grieve the death of their mother Helen who was killed by Le-ar. Alvaro becomes an ally in the final battle and helps them against the Kuuma. In the end Alvaro is told by Carmela and Gallian that they have married and he says that they will become a happy couple. He has fallen in love with Debbie. Alvaro is an homage to Voicer and Omega of the original Space Sheriff Series.

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